Unified Communications

Enjoy Voice, Video, Web and IM Connectivity Anytime, Anywhere 

At BlueBOX IT, our unified communication capabilities ensure you’re always connected. We focus on providing cohesive collaboration services, allowing your employees, partners, and clients to seamlessly collaborate and communicate from anywhere in the world. Our advanced communication tools integrate email, audio, video, instant messaging, and telephone and web conferencing, resulting in a unified communications suite tailored to your business’ specific requirements.

By investing in our unified communications package your business will benefit from:

  • Increased productivity
  • Significant cost reductions,
  • Increased customer and employee satisfaction
  • Simplified OPEX models

Our unified communication solutions work to connect workforces, customers, stakeholders, and partners, both on a national and international level. This streamlined communication process results in higher productivity levels, reducing operational costs which, in turn, can be passed on to your clients.



BlueBOX IT is here to unite your business and help it grow

BlueBOX IT provide unified communications designed to deliver high ROI and are future proofed to allow for flexibility as your business grows. Use our communication solutions to achieve the following business outcomes:

  • Scalability
  • Connected workforces and clients
  • Reliability
  • Increased business outputs
  • Real time collaboration
  • More dynamic business relationships

Unified communications will streamline the communication process, allowing for real-time collaboration with exceptional results. Empower your team to achieve faster response times, boosting productivity and allowing for business growth.