At BlueBOX IT, we believe that for IT technology to be truly transformative in a corporate context, it needs to be backed up with expert integration, implementation and support services from industry professionals. For this reason, we offer our clients a range of sophisticated IT services that enable them to achieve optimum results from their IT investments.


Our key capabilities include:

We offer a diverse range of services designed to help businesses capitalise on their IT resources including:



24/7 Service Desk

BlueBOX IT take the help desk concept to the next level with advanced IT support solutions including product and contract management, account customisation, custom reports, integrated remote control, SLA modules, CMDB, problem and incident management, asset and account management, service catalogue, agent based scan, IT project management, automated billing, advanced analytics, change management, and technician auto assign.

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System Integration

We provide businesses with custom system integration solutions designed to reduce cycle times, boost productivity, increase flexibility, accelerate business processes.

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Technology Consulting

We are dedicated to providing businesses with tailored technological solutions that help them overcome barriers to growth, and seize new opportunities. Our technology consulting encompasses application transformation, business and enterprise transformation, cloud and infrastructure consulting, digital transformation and workplace transformation.

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ICT Governance

BlueBOX IT recognise the importance of having clear decision making pathways and it’s for this reason that we offer comprehensive ICT services which include governance decisions about organisational ICT use, architecture, infrastructure, investment and prioritisation, as well as metrics and accountabilities.

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Business Continuity

These are services designed to preserve continuity, and minimise harm caused by unexpected outages. We provide economical disaster recovery and continuity solutions in the form of availability management and managed resiliency services, with an end goal of increased operational resilience.

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To learn more about our range of services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the BlueBOX IT team by calling 03 9017 5554.