Retail Excellence

BlueBOX IT is Redefining How the Retail Sector Does Business

In order to remain competitive alongside online-only businesses, the future of retail will need to offer customers a rich, personalised, multiplatform experience which extends far beyond the confines of the brick and mortar store. Complacency is not an option in this adapt or die retail environment, and to ensure future profitability and longevity, brick and mortar retailers need to seek innovative ways to augment their in-store experience and give customers something more valuable than the convenience an online-only retailer has to offer.

Evolve with insights from our omni-channel retail excellence team

The BlueBOX IT omni-channel retail excellence team is here to advise you on the best way to evolve the way your retail space operates, so that you can provide customers with a unique, personalised experience they will actively seek out over online options. Our experienced team will work with you to develop a winning omni-excellence strategy which will make your retail space more available through multiple touch points, and the retail experience itself more personalized with an ultimate goal of connecting with new customers and developing a loyal following. We achieve this through the industry leading LS Retail Solution, which offers a whole suite of features designed to introduce mobility and e-commerce elements to your existing retail space. Some of the features available through the LS Retail Solution include:

Loyalty apps

Revolutionise the way your customers interact with your store and brand through a multichannel mobile loyalty solution. Customers can use the app to shop online, browse product details, create a wish list, and check product availability at particular stores. Added loyalty features encourage customers to register and create profiles to participate in a reward point system as well as receive push notifications about special offers, exclusive sales, and products that suit their preferences.

E-commerce integration and management

The LS Retail Solution unifies your web, mobile and in store capabilities so that your customers can shop wherever and whenever they choose. It’s essential that brick and mortar retailers have an online presence, and our e-commerce solution offers outstanding transaction flexibility and fluidity. Our e-commerce platform uses information from your in-store management system, so everything is always up to date and your customers can enjoy a premium shopping experience on whatever device they happen to be using.

Mobile POS

Optimise your workflow and provide unparalleled customer service with a mobile POS. With this in hand, your staff will be able to provide detailed product information, and even finalise sales away from the cash register. For loyal customers, an added shopping history feature can give you insights into their preferences and purchase history, so your staff are able to provide on-the-spot personalized advice and increase the likelihood of a sale.

Mobile inventory management

This intuitive mobile inventory management feature means your staff can instantaneously access information about available stock levels and manage delivery without having to step off the shop floor. All of the key stock management processes such as stock counting, label ordering, goods receiving, purchasing, transfers, and adjustments can be acheived on a handheld device.

To learn more about our capabilities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the BlueBOX IT team by calling 03 9017 5554