Networking & Internet

In the fast paced corporate world, the operational functionality of a business is only as good as its network’s ability to adapt to digital advances and technological innovations. In many ways, an organisation’s network defines its ability to perform and grow, so it is crucial you entrust your network requirements to a carrier that is able to support your needs.

BlueBOX IT is an established agnostic carrier with an MPLS hub capable of speeds up to 10G. Our capabilities also include Ethernet WAN and LAN connections, as well as a Networks Operation Centre to oversee the management of your network. We pride ourselves in providing small businesses with a sound network platform from which they can expand their business. Offering coverage right across Australia and Europe, we make it easy to collaborate across cities, countries and continents. BlueBOX IT’s network solutions empower businesses to grow and succeed.


Flexible Networking Solutions for Every Kind of Business

Our clients benefit from sophisticated internet services that are tailored to their unique needs. BlueBOX IT’s high-bandwidth capabilities take the pressure off your network and ensure your connectivity and business applications function at optimal capacity. We offer enterprise grade internet services supported by our best practice security framework platform.

Our high quality internet and networking services combined with rigorous service level agreements (SLA) which include comprehensive reporting and 24/7 monitoring means that our clients can be confident in the reliability of their network and benefit from flexible, scalable solutions.

Competitive, Customisable and Scalable

At BlueBOX IT, we recognise that whilst every business needs a reliable network, many are limited by the resources currently available. By employing tiered pricing, we are able to offer our clients flexible bandwidth allocation that can be adapted to suit fluctuating usage patterns.

In addition to being highly competitive, BlueBOX IT can simplify your network management requirements through our customisable turnkey IT solutions which can encompass VPNs, Voice over Internet Protocol, cloud, management services, firewall hosting, dark fibre, naked ADSL2+ and ADSL2+, Ethernet Broadband, Fibre Ethernet Broadband, web hosting, private networking and security.

Trust BlueBOX IT with your Networking & Internet Needs

  • High-performance, enterprise-grade, high-speed business internet service and connectivity covered by strict SLAs, available throughout Australia and Europe
  • QoS options which allow you to give higher priority to your most important business applications and network traffic
  • Burstable billing and tiered pricing options – meaning you can select the best option to suit your usage patterns
  • Flexible bandwidth allocation according to changes in your business requirements
  • Reliable high-bandwidth network boasting dedicated Internet access speeds from 1 Mbps – 10,000 Mbps (10 GigE)
  • Speed options ranging from 1Mb to 10 GigE on a dedicated network connection
  • Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection on Dedicated Internet security services (optional)


To learn more about our networking and internet solutions call our friendly team today on 03 9017 5554.