Enterprise Content Management

Infinity ECM platform

BlueBOX IT partnered with Info Novitas that specialises in Enterprise Content Management platform development of Infinity ECM platform. This partnership enables us to offer all of our customers a modern multi-functional Enterprise Content Management platform that includes a large number of integrated subsystems, solutions and more than 50 tools for collaboration, communication and management of the entire business. The system is fully modular, it can be easily upgraded to suit user preferences and as such perfectly adapts to the business process of the organization, which leads to a significant business processes acceleration, increasing clients satisfaction, increasing revenues with significant savings in human efforts and material costs.
* The Infinity ECM platform was declared 25. October 2017 in Brussels the best European BPaaSS system for 2017!

Infinity ECM is fully Cloud product working on different infrastructure platforms services such as Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform (PaaS) or Amazon AWS or can be self-hosted on private client servers. Also it is globally available through our worldwide IT partners and distributors who are specialized for consulting and implementation services.

Why you should consider Infinity ECM platform as your best Cloud software choice:

  • Multifunctional fully modular Cloud solution with more than 15 subsystems.
  • Supports & can improve more than 15 business processes in your organization.
  • Consolidates, optimizes and reduces the IT SW infrastructure of the company.
  • In accordance with the EU GDPR data protection regulation standards.
  • Easy integrations with different global & local software products (ERP, etc.)
  • Flexible modern architecture based on web services and plug-in management.
  • Multilingual & globally available over our partners or Microsoft Azure platform.
  • Fully responsive design (adaptable for desktop, tablet and mobile devices).
  • Different platform versions suitable for small, middle and big organizations.
  • Unique out of the box Cloud based Enterprise Content Management System.
  • Combines inside: CRM, DMS, RMS, CMSx3, ITSM, EAM, KMS, BPM, CXM, GRC.
  • Multi-org & Multi-company support (one system for all related companies).
  • By implementing the Infinity ECM platform company can successfully include all business processes and their documentation, which will create ideal conditions for easy ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System certification.

INFINITY ECM platform combines different components of modern IT platforms such as:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management),
  • DMS (Document Management System),
  • ERMS (Electronic Records Management System),
  • CMS (Case Management System),
  • ITSM (IT Service Management System),
  • BPMA (Business Process Management & Automation),
  • CMS (Collaborative Management System),
  • KMS (Knowledge Management System),
  • EAM (Enterprise Asset Management),
  • CXM (Customer eXperience Management),
  • IMS (Integrated Management System) whereby belongs to a group of modern global ECM (Enterprise Content Management) platform solutions.

Within the same application interface INFINITY ECM platform integrates different subsystems such as systems for:

  • CRM;
  • General Data Protection (GDPR Manager);
  • Marketing management;
  • Sales management;
  • Contracts and purchase orders management;
  • Project & project programs management;
  • Outbound & Inbound invoices with verification (integrated with Financial-accounting/ERP system);
  • Service desk & Helpdesk management;
  • 360 degree customer view;
  • Contact center (calls preview from digital telephone VoIP System and Call center agent interface, with automatic recording and recognition of the caller);
  • Records and Case management paperless system with DMS;
  • Asset Management;
  • e-Sessions management;
  • Loyalty management;
  • Warehouse management.

Infinity ECM platform has grown into a global solution where within its scope of many platform subsystems, performance and modern technology concept has no such similar competition.

Infinity ECM offers high tech technology and easy integration with other internal and external business information systems, thanks to its modern flexible architecture. Inside web services was located complete data and business logic, while the display layer is separated out of the web service and realized through most advanced web technology with the immediate screen size customization ability (responsive design) either on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Infinity ECM connection with other business IT systems enables faster and better business management, increasing performance and satisfaction of work. The System is very simple, and as that enables the user maximum work focus, instead of losing time on working modes, or complicated software’s, which is the most common situation in practice.

Some of distinctive functionalities of INFINITY ECM platform are:

  • Personalized view for each signed-in user,
  • management of hierarchy levels and documentation privacy,
  • review and monitoring all of the activities within the system,
  • management of interactive collaboration (advanced communication),
  • with other functionalities of very big significance for organization business.



INFINITY ECM platform is available in four versions:


Intended for micro and small businesses (up to 30 platform users) that do not have a need for advanced integration and system changes, but fair price is relevant to them with the possibility of monthly payment through a shared Cloud model, where the company has its own database, but using an identical interface and functionality as well as other users of Infinity ECM Standard model. This version support basic settings and adjustments.

Standard version offers this features:

  • Separated independent database instance for the company;
  • The ability to easily transition to higher or lower package;
  • Multilingual support (you can choose different languages);
  • Possibility of monthly lease payments for system in Cloud model;
  • Free e-mail customer support for hosted Cloud models;
  • Flexible selection of desired system and platform modules;
  • Integration with supported global external systems;
  • Generically flexible tabular views and reports along with export;
  • Adjustible screen size (desktop / tablet / smartphone);
  • Basic dashboard components and graphic tabular displays;
  • Security mechanisms for access to the system and data;
  • Using prepared document templates (Word templates);
  • Document management version & series control with history;
  • Storing documents on the online DMS service (Google Drive);
  • Discount on purchase / lease for more than 5 platform systems. 

The commercial model is based on monthly license lease, with lease of user licenses (CALs).


Intended for small and medium-sized organizations (up to 200 platform users) or for organizations that want to own a personalized solution on its own server with the possibility of integration and adjustments (new functionalities, new subsystems, new modules).

Enterprise version offers advanced features compared to the Standard version such as:

  • System personalization according to loged in user;
  • Use on your own server with the purchase or lease 24 months;
  • The possibility of making specific tailored reports;
  • The possibility of integration with company internal systems;
  • Support more than 16 simultaneous channels for 3CX platform;
  • Storage of documents and files directly into a database;
  • Service desk Integration with client website (web forms);
  • Integration with company DMS system for document storage;
  • Verification and approval of documents stored in the DMS;
  • Possible development of new tailored systems and modules;
  • Stand-alone instance of the application system in the Cloud;
  • Access to VM server admin with the lease 24 month in Cloud;
  • Availability of Infinity integration subsystem (Web services);
  • Advanced security mechanisms (OAuth protocol + tokens);
  • Email tracking support (up to 3 configured mailboxes).

The commercial model is based on monthly license lease or a single purchase of a license, with the purchase / lease of user licenses (CALs).


Intended for medium and large organizations (up to 600 platform users) or for organizations that want their own personalized solution on its own server with the possibility of advanced integrations and adjustments of the system (new functionality, new subsystems, the new modules).

Corporate version offers advanced features compared to the Enterprise such as:

  • Standard management consoles (KPIs, dashboards, graphs);
  • Multi-org (work of multiple related companies in one system);
  • Possible integration with directory services (AD / IDS / LDAP);
  • Possibility of SLA contracting (Platinum / Gold / Silver / Bronze);
  • The availability of all systems and modules of Infinity platform;
  • BPM engine (status, transition, and version management);
  • Interactive collaboration and communication among users;
  • Managing levels of confidentiality of documents and records;
  • Interactive Service Desk portal for use by external clients;
  • Support for multiple virtual service desks per company;
  • Email tracking support (up to 10 configured mailboxes);
  • Multi DMS (support for storage in more then one DMS system).

The commercial model is based on monthly license lease or a single purchase of a license, with the purchase / lease of user licenses (CALs).


Intended for medium and large organizations (with no restrictions on number of external and internal users) or for organizations that want their own personalized solution on its own server with the possibility of advanced integrations and adjustments of the system (new functionality, new subsystems, the new modules).

Ultimate version offers advanced features compared to the Corporate such as:

  • Advanced management consoles (KPIs, dashboards, graphs);
  • Support for the development of various external plugin modules;
  • Independent templates development and document upload;
  • Additional system optimization and higher platform speed;
  • All other advanced functionality of Infinity ECM platform;
  • Without limiting platform functionality for internal and external users;
  • Unlimited number of e-mail boxes;
  • Support for different time zones (for dislocated world offices);
  • Manage adding a meta attribute to a meta profile cards;
  • Possibility to buy the Infinity ECM platform source code and development framework for further internal development other custom made platform subsystems and modules.

The commercial model is based on single purchase of a license, with the licenses (CALs) purchase.

INFINITY ECM platform consists of primary process-oriented subsystems and support subsystems all of which are interrelated but also independent. Each company selects one or more platform systems depending on their needs and in accordance with existing solutions which owns and with which wants to make the integration.


INFINITY CORE (basic subsystem)
  • adjustable graphic management dashboard with flexible graphic widgets for monitoring business activity’s and KPIs;
  • private and public calendar;
  • company chat;
  • notifications (app, sms, e-mail);
  • advanced search;
  • creating and tracking of tasks and events;
  • managing personal notes;
  • monitoring activities in the system (activity stream);
  • manual input and overview of direct user calls;
  • contacts management (legal and physical entities);
  • entering SLA priority levels for each client;
  • catalog of products and services;
  • multilingual interface;
  • personalization of interface per user;
  • management of a user’s profile;
  • privacy management (limited rights review of data and documents);

This subsystem is a necessary prerequisite for Infinity ECM platform and its subsystems functioning!

  • management of marketing campaigns with budgeting;
  • monitoring all of the costs per marketing campaign;
  • recording and processing leads and contacts;
  • mass messaging (e-mail, fax, sms);
  • templates for sending and integration with external systems (InfoBip sms, MailJet, eFax);
  • telemarketing and follow-up functionality;
  • integration with 3CX digital VoIP telefon system;
  • management of distribution lists and flexible marketing reports.
  • management of the pre-sales activities;
  • retrieval and management with proposed qualified sales and marketing opportunities;
  • creating and tracking sales opportunities through the sales process with all relevant sales data;
  • sales pipelines; create and review sales tasks;
  • create and review sales events;
  • creating offers from templates linked to catalog of goods and services;
  • records of sales activities; collaboration;
  • kanban sales view (drag-and-drop functionality);
  • sales reports.
  • creating, managing and connecting frame contracts, contracts, single and related purchase orders;
  • hierarchical contracts view with direct links;
  • contracts and purchase orders allocation tracking along with spent financial resources warning chart;
  • contract expiration reminders;
  • contract approval and verification from several participants;
  • creating contracts from templates along with automatically adding marks and signatures;
  • contract reports.
360° VIEW
  • advanced client/contact or employee overview with all the information from other Infinity ECM platform subsystems;
  • monitoring and management of multiple e-mail boxes with functionality for chain e-mail messages over allocated token key and allocation of the e-mails;
  • also offers monitoring employees time sheets by defined intervals and monthly monitoring worker success while displaying total monthly schedule in relation to what’s been realized by employees.
  • creating and managing projects and project programs (that contain several related projects);
  • defining project teams and project phases;
  • creating work orders related to project phases;
  • creating tasks and task work-logs per employee;
  • project time sheets;
  • defining and managing project risks;
  • display of all the activity on the graphic Gantt chart;
  • defining and monitoring of project deliveries;
  • project planning, project budgeting;
  • costs monitoring; project reports.
  • integration, withdrawal and amendment of data from the financial-accounting (ERP) system;
  • ability to record, verify and approve incoming invoices (accounts payable) per item or group approval;
  • graphical dashboard financial indicators with KPIs;
  • for other smaller organizations with external accounting, it is possible to:
    issue advances and outgoing invoices (accounts receivable) with the possibility of tax fiscalization;
    automatic creation of recurring monthly bills with direct e-mail delivery;
    reminder for delay in payment through e-mail;
    cancellation and partial cancellation of invoice;
    issuing bills from invoice templates;
    creating an invoices directly from contracts, purchase orders, offers;
    invoice reports.
SERVICE DESK (Customer Support / Helpdesk)
  • records of user issues, initiatives and complaints (supported by ITIL standards with extensions for specific user needs);
  • prioritization of issues according to the SLA (Service Level Agreement) levels and priorities;
  • records of vendors for goods and services;
  • knowledge base management and integration with service desk issues;
  • automatic support teams detection in charge for each products and services;
  • automatic e-mail notifications (to team of specijalist and clients) for issue change status;
  • integration with VoIP digital telephone system for direct callbacks to the client;
  • integration with project management (for automatic work-logs on support projects);
  • service desk reports.
  • records of tangible and intangible assets of the company, with the possibility of defining and consolidated overview of the different types of assets (software, hardware, real estates, cars, machinery, equipment, etc.);
  • for defined types of assets it is possible to keep various data about:
    supervision and maintenance;
    responsible persons;
    asset locations;
    financial information on the acquisition and the current value of the assets, etc.
  • defining notification for:
    date stamp of important deadlines;
    the maintenance dates of the assets, etc;
  • assigning digital documentation in DMS system;
  • defining components of the assets (additional hierarchical division of assets);
  • collaborative mechanisms;
  • tracking asset life cycle;
  • monitoring types of ownership and lease of assets;
  • monitoring asset income and costs (monthly/annual);
  • a hierarchical view of assets; asset reports.
  • integration with digital VoIP telephone system;
  • allows continuous withdrawals call records in real time, which is done through fixed VoIP office phones,  computers with headset or over mobile softphone;
  • specialized interface for contact center agents (managing with calls, e-mails, issues);
  • review and simple call search per agent or employee;
  • listen to calls, initiate direct calls to customers;
  • Automatic insight into data of a users who is currently calling and other business-critical data and reports. Supervisor dashboards with important information for call center activity (calls in queue, number of completed calls, number of active calls, statistical Reviews);
  • call center reports.
  • internal document portal to store shared files in an organized network folders;
  • offer easy access to the shared files inside organizational units;
  • also this subsystems offer possibility to store digital documents on the local DMS system or Cloud storage places (Google Drive or other). Also it is integrated with Google Drive Cloud disk space where client can full free store up to 15GB of documents with possibility to easily extend cloud disk space.
  • record of incoming mails;
  • record of internal mails;
  • creating direct outgoing mails;
  • create and review of case files;
  • creating a classes, processes, dossiers;
  • creating document records (letters) by associating digital documents and their storage in DMS;
  • joining case files to dossiers;
  • joining records to case files;
  • support for independent document records without case files;
  • creating delivery notes (material / electronic / internal);
  • granting the right to access documentation through electronic delivery note (share function);
  • creating dispatch (shipping) documents through administrative office;
  • management of documentation places;
  • case files and records archiving;
  • sending a requests for approval to borrow archival documents with monitoring of deadlines for the return of the original items and denying the right to review (electronic delivery notes) upon the expiration of the defined period;
  • arrangement of archives through creating and managing technical and registry units;
  • archived material location tracking;
  • proposals for the elimination of archival materials after the expiry date period of keeping documents;
  • business reports.
  • integration and withdrawals data from existing warehouse management systems (for larger organizations) and display key KPIs and graphical indicators for management. For organizations that do not have their warehouse management system allows to record and review: receiving notes, issue slips, orders, returns to stock, delivery notes, write offs;
  • support for several warehouses;
  • overview of quantity and condition of goods in stock;
  • overview of purchase prices;
  • warehouse reports.

Personal data protection management system in complies with EU GDPR regulation. It enables:

  • management of consent records;
  • deletion of consents;
  • the right to forget;
  • monitoring of personal data collections (central registry);
  • risk assessments and effects on data privacy;
  • elaboration of the purpose of using data collections;
  • management of the purpose / privilege management;
  • documentation management with DMS system;
  • integration with other Infinity ECM platforms especially with the service desk system and other external systems via web services;
  • business reports.
  • procurement detail planning, procurement groups, bidding calendar, procurement requirements, procurement implementation process with records of bids submitted, their evaluation and selection of best bids offered;
  • creation of template documents;
  • connection with other systems within the Infinity ECM platform such as: Purchasing Agreements, Framework Agreements, Purchase Orders;
  • accounts;
  • projects, Integration with company DMS system;
  • links to the catalog of goods and services;
  • links to the warehouse;
  • business reports.
  • preparation and management of sessions/meetings digitally;
  • it is possible to define cover page, of each session with the details of the same;
  • preparation and electronic transmission of documents for the upcoming session;
  • inviting participants through e-mail;
  • defining and overview of agenda items;
  • keeping personal notes;
  • conducting public notes by the recording secretary;
  • review conclusions;
  • controlling and monitoring the execution of tasks from previous meetings;
  • discussions, mutual collaboration;
  • business reports.

Layer of web services that enables integration between platform subsystems and other internal systems of the client, which is extremely important for medium to large businesses that want maximum integration of all existing business application systems. The exchange and synchronization of data with other systems is done via web services. Communication can be done with external systems such as (ERP systems, DMS, 3CX, Microsoft, Google, InfoBip, eFax, MailJet).

  • used to manage entire Infinity ECM platform;
  • includes users management (user roles, user rights, arrangement of work place);
  • management of rolls and group rolls;
  • defining teams;
  • define settings for the modules;
  • turn on/off different Infinity ECM platform modules and plug-ins;
  • creating organizational units with monitoring of historicity;
  • manipulation of classes and registration numbers;
  • various settings and operating system parameters for all subsystems of the platform;
  • adjusting the notification rights;
  • management of coding system;
  • security management (access rights, the permitted level of access, levels of privacy);
  • graphical monitoring of administrative data and resources through admin dashboard interface.

To learn more about our capabilities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the BlueBOX IT team.