At BlueBOX IT, we provide integrated cloud services to suit a variety of needs and applications. In today’s ever changing IT landscape, it is essential for businesses to stay abreast of the latest in cloud technology and infrastructure in order to remain competitive. Our customisable cloud solutions allow for complete flexibility; they can be scaled to grow and change with your business for optimum performance. Our team of dedicated cloud experts are constantly updating their industry knowledge in order to leverage better business outcomes for our clients. Our cloud solutions encompass the entire web services spectrum, including SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services.

Whether you want to take all your data online, or prefer a combination of cloud and on premise data hosting, BlueBOX IT has a cloud solution to match your business requirements. We will do a thorough assessment of your IT workloads and propose a cloud system tailored to your specific needs. Our cloud solutions eliminate vendor lock, allowing you the freedom to switch services and providers as required.

We’ll help you find the right cloud solution for your business

Cloud Onbroading and Migration

If your business is ready to take advantage of the added flexibility, security, and efficiency offered by the cloud, BlueBOX IT’s cloud onboarding and migration services can help you make the transition easily and without delays or disruption to your daily operations. Our experienced technicians will design a cloud migration strategy based on best practices in cloud API implementation, as well as application migration and management.

We can ensure that cloud onboarding challenges such as data centre consolidation, inadequate security and cloud standardisation are managed successfully and that you are fully supported throughout the process.

Public Cloud

Use pooled resources for wide, public network accessibility. The public cloud is a great option for businesses looking to prioritise location independence, cost effectiveness, and flexibility. The public cloud offers the ultimate in scalability, operating on utility style costing, and its large infrastructure makes it incredibly reliable.

We can ensure that cloud onboarding challenges such as data centre consolidation, inadequate security and cloud standardisation are managed successfully and that you are fully supported throughout the process.

Private Cloud

The private cloud maintains a level of scalability while offering enhanced security and control. Rather than relying on shared, public computing networks, the private cloud can only be accessed by your organisation and is customised to suit your data, applications, workload, policies, and security requirements. This makes the private cloud perfect for businesses with sensitive information and stringent security standards. There is also the option to utilise cloud bursting (where the private cloud can burst into the public cloud) in the event of spikes in demand for resources.

With our private cloud model, you gain access to the agility provided by public cloud but enjoy valuable customisation and privacy features which allow you to effectively manage and protect your data and applications.


BBIT Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Combine public clouds, private clouds and/or traditional dedicated servers for a truly customisable cloud solution. The hybrid cloud allows you to leverage the efficiencies of each cloud service, performing distinct functions within a seamlessly integrated cloud system which acts as an extension of existing corporate systems and processes. With hybrid clouds you get the best of both worlds; the agility, scalability and cost-effectiveness of public cloud environments combined with the benefits provided by the tools and processes already existent in private clouds. Thanks to our trusted partners such as Microsoft Azure, BlueBOX IT can confidently offer our clients the flexibility afforded by hybrid clouds while ensuring security and privacy requirements are fully respected, meaning you can make the move to the cloud with total peace of mind.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 brings you all the latest versions of MS Office applications you know and love (such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint) along with business class email and an arsenal of secure cloud-based tools which allow your people to communicate and collaborate more effectively. You simply select the tools your organisation needs and we’ll ensure all your apps are easily accessible in the one central place, on virtually any device.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform which offers a range of powerful cloud-computing products including storage, databases, networking, mobile, analytics, security and other tools and applications which can help your business to scale and grow.

With AWS’ cutting edge cloud-based products you can lower your IT costs, improve your productivity and scale when demands on resources increase. AWS’ innovative, on-demand, scalable cloud services have given the company its well-deserved reputation as being the king of cloud. Our technicians are certified experts in AWS migration, architecture design and security, and will ensure you maximise the potential of AWS in your business while effectively managing the operational requirements of your AWS environment.

Cloud Managed Services

With BlueBOX IT’s Cloud Managed Services you no longer need to worry about dedicated resources or expertise in-house. Let our expert team manage your cloud so you can focus on running your business and achieving your goals. We can provide you with as little or as much support as you need, across your organisation. Your locally based service delivery manager is always on hand to resolve any issues which may arise, optimise the performance of your chosen cloud solutions and keep you up to date with regular reports.

Cloud Security

Like many other business owners you may be concerned about security issues related to moving your data beyond your IT department’s control. From protecting against cyber threats to enforcing corporate security policies, the advanced security protections implemented by BlueBOX IT allow your organisation to fully embrace the cloud in the knowledge that your data is fully secure and all security challenges are being addressed. Through our key partnerships with Microsoft Azure and Check Point, our team is able to provide a complete architecture which ensures full protection of physical and virtual workflows, as well as all your data and assets.

At BlueBOX IT, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive cloud capabilities; from cloud migration to managed services, operations and infrastructure, we will provide you with cloud solutions that truly work for your business. Our understanding of individual business needs directly informs our cloud optimisation services, which seek to maximise performance at cost-effective rates.