BlueBOX IT provide global ICT solutions for SMEs and larger enterprises, offering a full range of support and services from primary solutions such cloud and security management, right through to project management, IT architecture and IT governance.

Our team of IT professionals have extensive experience in implementing practical IT solutions for a wide range of clients and industries. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and dedication to delivering timely and reliable IT solutions which are aligned with industry best practice. Our vast industry knowledge and attention to individual client needs means we are able to continually exceed customer expectations and outclass other IT providers.


We provide a full range of cloud migration and management solutions tailored to your business requirements. Our innovative cloud solutions accelerate adoption, keeping you on the cusp of the latest in cloud technology and infrastructure. At BlueBOX IT, we offer completely customisable and secure cloud infrastructure solutions, allowing complete flexibility and scalability. Our qualified technical consultants are certified in a number of leading cloud technologies from vendors including VMware, Microsoft, HP, Juniper and CheckPoint, so you can be sure your cloud infrastructure will be available and secure.

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As the business world continues to digitise, the need for reliable, flexible and responsive security solutions is more pressing than ever. For businesses, their data is their worth and it’s crucial that these assets are protected from internal and external threats. BlueBOX IT recognise the importance of enterprise security and are proud to offer intuitive solutions that provide our clients with not just operational resilience, but the confidence to strive and succeed within the digital landscape.

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Networking & Internet

Our expertise in networking and Internet allows us to provide clients with secure, reliable, network solutions that are tailored to suit the individual needs of their enterprise and enable them to seize growth opportunities when they arise. We are a well established agnostic carrier offering enterprise grade internet solutions in MPLS, EWAN, and ELAN formats. Our high bandwidth capabilities eliminate network congestion and ensure that enterprise connectivity and application functions work at optimal capacity.

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Voice & Unified Communications

We streamline your business’ communication requirements to ensure the easy operation, management, and integration of your communication systems. Our unified communications solutions allow enterprises to efficiently communicate, both internally and externally, across a range of different mediums. Unified communications amalgamate all forms of communication, from audio and video, to web and desktop, into one integrated system, allowing for real-time collaboration and the seamless sharing of information.

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At BlueBOX IT, we offer small businesses and medium to large enterprises a range of IT services designed to help you manage and support your people and daily business operations. Our services include 24x7 IT support, system integration, technology consulting, ICT governance, and business continuity. Our dedicated team of IT professionals offer a personalised approach to service delivery and rapid response times, ensuring your business is always able to run efficiently and smoothly.

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Retail Excellence

In order to remain competitive alongside online-only businesses, the future of retail will need to offer customers a rich, personalised, multiplatform experience which extends far beyond the confines of the brick and mortar store. Complacency is not an option in this adapt or die retail environment, and to ensure future profitability and longevity, brick and mortar retailers need to seek innovative ways to augment their in-store experience and give customers something more valuable than the convenience an online-only retailer has to offer.

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Website Design

BlueBOX IT partner with AWD that specialises in web design and digital marketing. This partnership enables us to offer all of our customers a comprehensive range of online marketing services to complement our offline marketing solutions.

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Enterprise Content Management

BlueBOX IT partner with Info Novitas that specialises in Enterprise Content Management platform development of Infinity ECM platform. This partnership enables us to offer all of our customers a modern multi-functional Enterprise Content Management platform that includes a large number of integrated subsystems, solutions and more than 50 tools for collaboration, communication and management of the entire business. The system is fully modular, it can be easily upgraded to suit user preferences and as such perfectly adapts to the business process of the organization, which leads to a significant business processes acceleration, increasing clients satisfaction, increasing revenues with significant savings in human efforts and material costs.

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